During the pandemic, or more specifically during a lockdown, delivering goods by courier is the only solution. If you are a business owner, your main concern will be business continuity. You will need to ship orders and receive your raw materials on time. Onboarding a reliable courier company, we are cued in on the safety measure is the solution.

As a conscientious business, we should also follow the safe sending and receiving of parcels.

Therefore, here are some ways in which businesses on the whole and courier companies, in particular, can ensure safe deliveries during the pandemic:

Changing Customer Service:

Special arrangements are made at service centres where social distancing is followed at all times. The premises are cleaned and sanitized frequently. Courier companies have now established a strong online customer service making the process much easier for business owners.  

Zero contact Delivery:

With customer safety being a top priority, courier companies follow a contactless delivery of all the parcels. The delivery executive is well equipped with a safety kit while maintaining a distance of 6feet/2meters from the customer. The consignment will be placed outside the door at a clean and hygienic location. It is best to use a mask and disposable gloves when handling the courier.

It is advisable to avoid opening the package to check the content in the courier’s presence unless it is unavoidable. OTP’s are used to ensure the safe delivery of the parcel.

Choose Online Payment Services:

Try not to use the COD payment method while making purchases, as it prolongs your contact with the delivery executive. Try using a bank card instead of cash for payments, as it is safe.

Safety at Courier Company Facility:   

All safety standards are followed at hubs and branches to ensure a safe space. High contact surfaces are frequently cleaned and sanitized. Social distancing is maintained at all times. The safety of delivery executives is assured as they get ready to serve you in the best ways possible. 

 Regular Health Checkups:

Regular temperature screening of all delivery executives and employees working at the courier company is ensured. Health Surveys are conducted to check if any employee has symptoms similar to covid 19. In such cases, the employee is immediately asked to seek medical attention.

 Reducing Potential Covid-19 exposure at Workplace: 

Only essential employees work from the office while others work from home, ensuring safety at the hubs and branches with a minimum workforce. Enabling a safe space for everybody, including the customers, is of utmost importance. 

Maintaining a safe physical distance is essential to conquering the virus while helping the business grow in these challenging times. At Blueline, we understand your needs and offer services that best suit your business. To know more, visit us at www.bluelinelogistics.in.