Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How can I track my Courier?

Ans: Click on “Track” section in the menu and type in the Airway Bill Number (AWB).

2. Which services do I really need?

Ans: Click on “Services” section to understand more about Blueline Courier Services and check which one aligns with your needs.

3. How can I check Blueline Courier Services availability for a Pincode?

Ans: Click on “Pincode Finder” and enter a valid Pincode. This will let you know if Blueline Logistics offers services to the area.

4. How do I enquire about my delivery queries?

Ans: Click on “Contact Us” fill in the form details or call on our Customer Care lines: 022-68631300 / 022-68631303 / 022-68631312

5. Will my freight be insured in case of damages?

Ans: In case you want to Insure your Consignment, Blueline facilitates to insure the consignment through an insurance company. In the event of the shipment being damaged or lost while in our custody, we assist you in the claim process. Contact us for more details.

6. I missed/did not receive my shipment. When will it be delivered to me?

Ans: Please click on “Contact Us” and fill in the form or call on the customer care lines.

7. Where can I find the delivery time taken for my shipment?

Ans: Click on track shipments and the estimated delivery time will be displayed.

8. I would like to use your Logistics & Warehousing Services. Can you send a representative to meet me?

Ans: Definitely. Please drop your details in “Contact Us” form and we will soon get in contact with you.

9. How safe are my consignments with Blueline?

Ans: Your Consignments are completely safe with us.

10. Are my feedbacks/suggestions important to Blueline?

Ans: Yes, your feedback is valuable and helps us improve our services so that we can serve you better in future.